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Paid Sick Days

State: Oregon
Subject: Paid Sick Days, Domestic Violence and the Workplace
Bill: HB 2005/SB 454
Pre-filed: 12/08/14
First Reading in both chambers: 01/12/15
Referred to House Committee on Business and Labor: 01/16/15
Referred to Senate Committee on the Workforce: 01/20/15
Senate Committee work session held; passed on 3-2-0 vote and referred to Ways and Means: 03/25/15
Amended and passed by House Committee, 6-5-0 vote, sent to Rules Committee: 04/20/15
Passed Joint Committee on Ways & Means, 14-8-3 vote, sent to Senate floor: 06/05/15
Passed full Senate, 17-13 vote, sent to House: 06/10/15
Senate version passed full House, 33-24 vote: 06/12/15
Signed by Governor: 06/22/15

This bill requires employers with 10 or more employees (6 or more in Portland) to provide paid sick leave for employees, and employees with fewer than 10 emloyees (fewer than 6 in Portland) to provide the equivalent amount of unpaid, job-protected sick leave. Workers earn one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 40 hours per year.

Workers may use the time to care for their own physical or mental illness, injury or health condition; to care for the physical or mental illness, injury or health condition of a family member; for preventative medical care for themselves or a family member; to care for an infant, newly adopted child or newly placed foster child; for the serious health condition of the employee or a family member; to deal with the death of a family member; for reasons related to domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault or stalking; or for reasons related to a public health emergency.

Preempts local governments from enacting sick leave requirements.

Entry updated as of: June 29, 2015.