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Paid Sick Days

State: California
Subject: Paid Sick Days, Domestic Violence and the Workplace
Statute/Code Cite: Cal. Lab. Code § 2810.5 and scattered sections (numbering pending)

Entitles most private sector and state workers to earn one hour of paid sick time for every thirty hours worked that can be used for their own medical care or the medical care of a child or other family member. However, providers of domestic services under the state’s In-Home Supportive Services program are not covered by the law. Covered workers can accrue up to six days of paid sick leave per year and can use up to three days of accrued leave per year.

Amended in 2015 to allow alternative accrual methods; grandfather certain pre-2015 paid time off plans; remove from coverage certain public sector employees who are a recipient of a retirement allowance and employed without reinstatement into the previous retirement system; and clarify that in order to be eligible for paid sick days, an employee must have worked 30 or more days for the same employer.